Beautician Course

Finding it difficult to know which beauty school is right for you? No worries, Beauty Shop is offering Beautician Course and help you to take your passion for all things beauty to the next level.

Pursue a career of a beautician to a work schedule that fits your lifestyle. No more monotony of a 9-5 job. Come and learn how to be a beautician, you can start fresh and learn everything from the basic. You can express your fierce creative style across a broad spectrum of beautician services. You can be a rock star of hair, skin, makeup and many more with Beauty Shop!

In this Beauty Course, you’ll learn about:

  1. Beautician Ethics and Foundation
  2. Beauty Salon Hygiene and Disinfection
  3. Skin Basic Knowledge
  4. Loss of Beauty Skin Care
  5. Beauty Mask Therapy
  6. Facial Massage
  7. Eye Care Knowledge
  8. Beauty Instrument Knowledge and Usage
  9. Beautician Sales Skills
  10. How Complete a Skin Analysis Card

Beauty Shop offering you an opportunity to be our brand and products dealer as well. This all-encompassing education can result a long career filled with expanding opportunities. Sign up now because seats are limited! Call us for more info!